Free Network and Server Health Check Worth £325

You run computer systems to support your business, not vice versa.

Network Administrator
  • So what are your IT pain points? What aspect wastes most of your employee’s time? How much does that time cost the business?
  • How healthy is your server and network? Do you know? How often do you check?
  • Do you have someone in-house who is perhaps struggling to look after the IT systems? Maybe they are stuck with a more complicated issue that they just cannot find an answer to by surfing the net.
  • How would you like to get some professional free advice?

Free advice about the state of your IT Systems?

Yes we are looking for new clients, and yes this is a way for us to demonstrate our depth of knowledge and understanding of these issues. No, there is no obligation to take any services from us. To qualify all we ask is that your business has a minimum of 5 workstations and a server.

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Our most popular service:
IT Support

Pro-Active Essentials Plus

Pro-Active Essentials Plus is our most popular IT Support service. This pro-active service not only manages the essential aspects of your computer systems and network, but provides extended cover for your IT infrastructure and network environment.

This package ensures that the fundamental aspects of maintenance are dealt with whilst keeping the costs to the business as low as possible. It provides this basic support, as well as taking care of your IT infrastructure and essential network management tasks.

In addition to those services provided in the Pro-Active Essentials package these items are also covered:

  • Line of business application management
  • Server, UPS, PC, network and printer hardware assistance
  • Scheduled system health maintenance tasks
  • Domain name handling support
  • Server event log monitoring
  • Extended reporting services
  • Network account creation and resetting
  • Response time and service level process
  • Basic server disk imaging

This service has proved extremely popular in businesses with 10 or more people. For more information visit our main site.