Pro-Active Essentials

Pro-Active Essentials Plus

Network Administrator

Our mid-level and most popular service is ideal if you want more than just basic cover for your business. Pro-Active Essentials Plus is designed to offer more extensive IT support to your business. It includes support for more elements of your IT infrastructure and deals with some of the essential network management tasks.

In addition to those services provided in the Pro-Active Essentials package these items are also covered:

  • Line of business application management
  • Server, UPS, PC, network and printer hardware assistance
  • Scheduled system health maintenance tasks
  • Domain name handling support
  • Server event log monitoring
  • Extended reporting services
  • Network account creation and resetting
  • Response time and service level process
  • Basic server disk imaging

This service has proved extremely popular in businesses with 10 or more than people.

Additional Services:

We offer some additional services including Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity Planning and Data Backup. Call us today to find out more.

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